What’s NLG anyway?

Next Level Generation is a dynamic performing arts company committed to inspiring and stirring the community to aim for excellence in all that they do. We offer free classes in dance, drama and singing as a service to the community in a safe, friendly and clean environment.

About 13 years ago, our founder and director, Dr Robyn Kassas, was inspired to create a place for young people to express their creativity and be off the streets of Parramatta.

To this day, our mandate to give a hand up instead of a hand out has not changed and we are just as passionate about today’s youth as ever. What started with a small group of people has grown into a well-known group in the Parramatta CBD and indeed around the world.

NLG provides professional training in dance, drama and singing for all ages absolutely free! We are focused on providing a safe, friendly and clean environment. Our teachers focus on building confidence, strengthening skills and cultivating creativity. Our classes inspire interaction with other children in a fun and inventive environment, giving them a reason to get active.

Your child will learn new skills, have fun, make friends and gain confidence!